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How do I import students from a CSV file while creating a tracker?


Note: If your district is actively syncing Mastery Connect with an SIS, using this process will create students only in that respective tracker. The student data will not be synced to our SIS records. Features that require that connection to the student record in the SIS, like Remote Scores and other reporting, will not be available. To add students from your SIS, click here.

Create Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet example photo

Create a spreadsheet with all of your student information.

The format of the spreadsheet must be in the following order for it to import correctly:  student ID number in the first column, first name in the second column, last name in the third column, and then any associated email addresses in the remaining columns.

Save the spreadsheet as a .csv file after you've entered all the information. You can now import the CSV file when adding students to a tracker. To learn more, see Create a Mastery Tracker.

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