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How do I manually add students to an existing tracker?


If your district is actively syncing Mastery Connect with an SIS, using this process will create students only in that respective tracker. The student data will not be synced to our SIS records. Features that require that connection to the student record in the SIS, like Remote Scores and other reporting, will not be available. To add students from your SIS when you create a tracker, click here.

Open Tracker

Open Tracker

Follow these steps to add students to an existing tracker, or create a new tracker.

  1. Open Trackers [1], and select the tracker that you want to add students to.
  2. Click the More Options icon [2].
  3. Click the People link [3].
  4. Select the Add Students option [4].

Add Students from SIS

To add students from an SIS, click the Add from SIS tab [1]. Enter all or part of a student name in the Search for Students field [2]. Select the name of the student to add. Then click the Import Students button [3].

Type-in Students

Add Students and Save

To manually enter a student, click the Type-In tab [1]. Enter student information [2]. If you are finished adding students, click the Save + Close button [3]. Alternatively, to add another student, click the Save + Add Another button [4].

Import from CSV

To import students from a CSV (comma-separated values) file, click the Import CSV tab [1]. Click the Choose File button [2].

Select a CSV file that contains the following:

  • student ID in the first column
  • student first name in the second column
  • student last name in the third column
  • student's email addresses in subsequent columns

Then click the Import Students button [3].

To learn about adding students via CSV file, check out the help article on Importing Students from a CSV File.

Copy from Another Tracker

To copy all the students from another tracker, click the Copy from Tracker tab [1]. Click the Select a tracker to copy drop-down menu [2], and select a tracker. Then click the Copy Students button [3].

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