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How do I transfer students to a different classroom tracker?


When a student is moved from one classroom to another during the school year, you can easily transfer that student's information (including mastery levels and scores) to the new teacher's tracker.

In order to do this:

  • The student must be transferred within the same school
  • The new grade level and standards must be the same
  • The student must have been manually added to the tracker (students added as part of SIS sections can not be transferred using this function)

Open Student Details

Open Student Details

Log in to Mastery Connect and click Trackers.

From the list of trackers, find the one that contains the student you are transferring, and then click on it.

In the tracker, hover over the student's name and click Edit.

Transfer Student

Transfer Student

On the Edit Student dialog, click Transfer.

Click the Transfer to Classroom drop-down menu and select the tracker to which you want to transfer the student. You will only see trackers from teachers in your school with the same standards.

Click Transfer.

The student's information, including mastery levels and assessment scores will now appear in the new tracker.

Note: If you do not see the Transfer option, your student may have been added as an SIS section, and you will be unable to transfer them using this function.

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